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Single Woman May Adopt from China!
China Opens Special Focus to Single Parent Adoption
April 01,2011 / Martha Osborne
Untitled Document

It is with the greatest pleasure that we are able to share the following news today with our RainbowKids readers: The CCAA has made the announcement that beginning March 15th, single women will once again be able to adopt from China. What this will mean for special needs children is unimagineable. China Singles AdoptSingle parent adoption once comprised over 1/3 of all adoptions from China. Singles have proven again and again to be fantastic parents with extensive community and family connections that give their children beautiful lives and futures.

The CCAA is opening the program to aid in finding good families for their Special Focus Children. Children with a Special Focus designation are those who have been waiting on the shared list for more than two months. The children listed as Special Focus generally are older (pre-school and school age) who have an identified special need, or children who are either healthy or have a special need, are school age, and have been on the shared list for more than 2 months.This new program for Single Women will now make these children available to singles who have no more than 2 children living at home (see guidelines below).

The following is the notice released by the CCAA:

--Begin Notice--

Government departments and adoption agencies in receiving countries, In order to promote special needs child adoption and guarantee the basic interests of the orphaned and disabled children, CCAA decides to accept the adoption applications from female single applicants to adopt according to the requirements listed in this notice, starting from March 15, 2011:

  • Female single applicants are allowed to adopt special focus children listed on the special Needs System of CCAA.
  • One applicant can only adopt one special focus child at a time, with an interval of at least one year between two adoptions.
  • The applicant shall have reached the age of 30 years and are under 50. For applicants over 50, the age difference between the child to be adopted and the applicant shall be no more than 45 years.
  • The applicant shall provide her civil status certificate. Unmarried applicants shall provide certification for being single and non-homosexual; divorced applicants shall provide the divorce certificate of the last marriage; and widowed applicants shall provide the death certificate of their ex-spouse.
  • The reason of being single and attitude towards marriage. Applicants shall have clear indication of willingness to appoint male figures as role models for the adopted child, and welcome male friends to join family gatherings.
  • Applicants shall have received inter-country adoption training and training specifically for special needs child adoption so as to understand fully the physical and psychological needs of special needs children.
  • Detailed nurturing and rehabilitation plan. Applicants shall be qualified personally and socially for caring special needs children and have wide social and family supporting network which can provide assistance any time.
  • Guardians appointed by the applicants shall provide written statement as consent to act as the guardian of the adopted child. X. If the applicant has a stable relationship and lives with a male partner, t he requirements of couple applicants shall be applied.
  • Applicants shall be healthy both physically and mentally according to the requirements by CCAA for prospective adoptive couples.
  • Applicants shall be law abiding with no criminal records, and have good moral quality and conduct
  • The family annual income shall reach $10,000 per family member, including the prospective adoptee and the family net assets value should reach $100,000.
  • The applicant shall have good medical insurance which can cover the medical expense of the adopted child.
  • Applicants shall be experienced in child caring or be occupied in child-related fields, such as doctor, nurse, teacher, child psychological counselor, etc. It's best that the applicants have already had successful experience in caring for special needs children.
  • The number of children in the applicant's family under the age of 18 years shall be no more than two, and the youngest one should have reached the age of 6 years old.
  • Applicants shall be fully prepared for adopting a special focus child.
  • Social workers shall provide the following information fully and timely in the home study reports besides family visit interviews: Adoption motive. The decision to adopt a special focus child shall be well-considered. Applicants shall be capable of caring for a special need child and be responsible for the well-being of the child.

--End Notice--

If you are a single woman interested in adopting from China, we encourage you to explore special needs, and begin the process of seaching for an Adoption Service Provider (agency) licensed to place children from China. For the latest updates on all adoption news, please join the RainbowKids FaceBook page.
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Readers Comments  (8 Comments)  View All Comments
I feel so much happier now I understand all this. Thanks!- Almena
Is there a link by which China Special Needs potential adoptive parents can reach all agencies licensed to work with this program?- Ann
Excellent news that single women can adopt from China again.- Anonymous
Wonderful ! So many more children can find loving homes.- Anonymous
Answer to prayer. This means a home to so many children!!!- Anonymous
It is unfortunate that China (as with most other placing countries) continue to view lesbians as undesirable parents and would rather maintain children in orphanages than place them in loving homes.- Anonymous
This is a red-letter day!!!! I'm afraid my adoption days are over, but I rejoice for all the other singles who will be able to benefit from this change of heart on the part of the CCAA. Congratulations!!- Marie
This is wonderful for so many! I predict many "conceptions" in the heart in the next few days!- Anonymous
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