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Adopting from the Philippines
A well established program for singles and couples
April 01,2008 / Martha Osborne
Untitled Document

While international adoption becomes increasingly difficult for some families in the United States , it is important to note that there are options available in smaller, less known adoption programs. International adoption remains a viable and ethical way to create a loving, lasting family. Intercountry adoption has never been more ethical or more humane, and with the Hague Convention protocols, this legitimacy will only increase.

The Philippines have an outstanding international adoption program that is often overlooked by prospective adoptive parents. Besides having many wonderful children in need of forever families, the Philippines adoption program has several unique and positive attributes:

  • Most people in the Philippines speak English

  • All adoptions in the Philippines are overseen by an ethical government body.

  • Siblings are available for adoption.

  • Representatives of orphanages in the Philippines , who know the child best, select the family that best fits the child.

  • Prospective adoptive families receive detailed medical and developmental information in a timely fashion.

  • Travel and in-country stay is only 5-7 days and only one parent needs to travel.

  • From start to finish, adoption from the Philippines can be as short as 18 months.

The Philippines has a social service system much like that in the United States .  When a birth family is unable to care for their child, a social worker of a public or private facility becomes involved.  Counseling is given to the birth family over a 6-month period to assure that adoption is the best plan for the child and family.

The children available for adoption reflect the many and varied ethnic groups which make up the Philippines from the traditional Filipino face to those with a hint of Spanish, Asian or Polynesian.  There are more boys than girls available.  The youngest children available are between the ages of 12-18 months. However, there are many school-aged waiting children and sibling groups available.

Although requirements may be flexible for families adopting older (above the age of 6 years) and special needs children, the general requirements to adopt from the Philippines are as follows:

  • Married couples, married minimum of 3 years

  • Second marriages, must be married 5 years

  • Singles are eligible for children 5 years and older

  • There must be no more than 47 years age difference between both parents and child

While there are only a few agencies with adoption programs in the Philippines , it is an option that has been around for many years, falling in the shadow of larger programs placing children from Asia , such as China and South Korea . This stable, well-run program deserves a 2nd look by families who are ready to open their hearts and homes to a waiting child. For more information on adoption from the Philippines , please contact agencies with Philippines Adoption Programs or Join the Adopt Philippines USA Yahoo Group. Explored your options and perhaps consider adopting a child from the Philippines. You'll be glad you did.

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I am aizza i want to adopt a new born baby my husband and i been together for 4 years my doctors said that we cannot have a baby anymore pls pls contact me 09057395090- aizza
I am rose 32, planning to place my child for adoption, i'm unemployed and cant afford to raise my child. I want nice couples to adopt my child, pls contact me me at +639199895160 or +639231541654- rose b
hi im jane 29 yrs.old. me and my husband been together for 3 yrs. but were only 2 yrs. married. i got sick and my tubes been damage so im goin to have surgery to remove it. we cant have kids anymore so we decided if we can adopt a baby girl?- jane
pls i want to adopt a new born baby girl... im 30 yrs.old pls contact me 09325690906-09282738213 thanks and god bless- liezel bernardo
hi im ruby ann i want to adopt a baby girl.. im 26 years old and my husband and i live together for 6 years.. i want to adopt a baby please inform me... thanks and god bless- ruby ann
hi, i am single..I just turned 32 this month.I owe God because He gave me so much blessings these days..I have a successful business.I am a barrister, hopefully I am going to take the bar exam this September.. I want to adopt a baby girl because I want to share my blessings to her and give her some love.Can you help me.- christine
HI, i/we married young couples already have a daughter turning 5. my wife is pregnant due this march-april 2010. Sad to say i'm not the dad of my wif'es kid. she cheated. just don't ask how much pain ive been going through. we are looking for options adoption is the 1st thing. it's nor bec. it isn't mine that's why we wanted the child to be adopted it's just a too complicated situation on both sides. if we keep the child i might not be able to give evrything to the kid knowing it's not mine.- Anonymous
What about adoption for gay couples?- Cheryl
I am single and I would like to adopt a baby girl about two years of age, plz get in touch with me..- Aina
hello.. could someone help me im interested to adopt a baby by april 2010? could someone help me? im a Christian with a loving husband. it's just that we cant make baby. my husband is a very good person. i want me and my husband to stay together till the end, and i think our relationship could be more stronger if we have a baby. pls help. i could give everything to a baby even my life.. :-(- trishia
hi, my friend would like to adopt a child by july 2010 and they preferred a girl. they are a christian couple. please get in touch with me especially those single woman who can't afford to raise a child.- libra
Hi Rina, how are you and your baby? Hope everything's well. I would love to get in touch with your regarding your post here. Hope to hear from you.- Det
Hello, I really really want to adopt, kaya please help me to find a baby,- beth
I'm a single mom and about to give birth this january 2010. I'm looking for a family who would like to adopt my baby since I cannot afford to raise a child. I'd rather it be adopted than me aborting it.- Rina
is that true if you adopt a child in the philippines you need to at least stay there with the child for three years?- martha
We are looking to adopt my first cousins son who is currently leaving with grand parents (my aunt). How do we start that process?- Noli
Can single parents only adopt a 5 year old child and older? Can we adopt infants or toddlers?- Kai
Married 20 yr Both 47 yr old Have 2 adopted children Wanting to adopt again thank you- Barbara Gorman
The requirement that parents be Christian in most cases is because the children are being raised in Christian orphanages, funded by various churches, and they don't want children being pulled different directions. Also, faith is a much deeper-held value in their culture. The age of adoptive parents is on a case-by-case basis for adopting older children, so older parents could apply, single women, too.- Anonymous
while this is a good article it has failed to mention that filipinos prefer Catholics or Christians to adopt their children, also i don't think you can choose the sex of your child.- jo
After reading this article I researched adoption in the Philippines. There appear to be very few agencies, and the preference is still for married couples. Some well known agencies like Holt are not encouraging adoption by singles. Also, the article would have been more helpful if it provided a list of U.S. licensed agencies working in the Philippines.- Anonymous
Why should it matter what your religion is? I happen to be Christian but there are many deserving would be parents out there that aren't.- Anonymous
Can you please send me more information on adopting a child from the philippines. please include a fee schedule. Thank you!- marie parnitzke
While this article was very informative, the majority of propective parents do not want to wait 18-24 months for a referral. Being a military family makes it even harder. While most adoptions are completed under 18 months, the philippines along with a few other countries seem to "take their time" placing these children that they say need a home. If their social system is like ours, then that is the reason for such a lenghtly process, even in the US it seems to take up to 24 months to adopt.- Anonymous
I hope being a Christian is still a requirement!!- Anonymous
While I appreciated your article on Philippine adoption, I was disappointed that you didn't even mention a subject that interests me the most. When I was first trying to adopt, I was told that I couldn't adopt in the Philippines, because I am not Christian. I'd like to believe that this is no longer true, but I have heard this from other prospective parents since that time. It would have been nice if you would have at least mentioned this in the article.- Lisa
Hi- I agree the Phillipines is a rather inexpensive option-but the issue right now is that adoptions there are taking about three years from beginning to end-- Anonymous
I want to understand the parents age... if Mom is 47 and Dad is 55, could we adopt a sibling group ages 4-9 for instance?- Lisa Burg
I'm very interested in hearing about any programs that offer hope for single parents who wish to adopt.- Georgi
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